2019 Bonterra Chardonnay

Organic 2019 Bonterra Chardonnay
Organic 2019 Bonterra Chardonnay

2019 Bonterra Chardonnay – California

The 2019 vintage of this wine is in Costco stores (I purchased it in Redwood City) selling for $6.99. Recent vintages have made their way to Trader Joe’s, Safeway, and other big markets. The average price for this tasty Chardonnay ranges from $12 to $15. Although it’s made in large quantities and found in the big grocery stores, I do not consider this wine lumped in the notorious classification of a “Supermarket Wine.” It is a well-made and impressive wine.

The wine is made entirely from organic grapes, half from Mendocino County and the rest from organic vineyards in California. This Chardonnay is a blend of 70% juice aged for six months in oak barrels and the rest in stainless steel tanks. The result is the best of both worlds for a Chardonnay wine. We have crispness, tropical, hints of apple, and just enough oak. The palate feel is lush. I cannot believe the price is $7 for this uplifting and food-friendly Chardonnay. By the way, that price at Costco is $9.99, with $3 off at checkout.

Remember the name Fetzer Vineyards? Fetzer Vineyards began in 1968 as a family winery dedicated to Biodynamic and sustainable farming. The Fetzer Family sold the winery to Brown Forman in 1992. Brown Forman is one of the largest wine conglomerate companies. Thankfully, the Chilean wine company Viña Concha y Toro purchased the winery in 2011. Last year, Concha y Tora changed the winery’s name from Fetzer Vineyards to Bonterra Organic Estates. It seems a better fit for their organic and sustainable endeavors. Bonterra Organic Estates makes environmentally friendly wines affordable in all their varieties of wine. The Bonterra motto is: “Leaving the earth better than we found it through regenerative organic practices.”

Foods and Bonterra Chardonnay

The 2019 Bonterra Chardonnay makes a great choice as an aperitif. It is a joyous-tasting wine that goes well with cheese and charcuterie appetizers. The Bonterra Chardonnay is perfect with grilled or fried halibut, filet sole, and salmon. It can also be served with shrimp and garlic pasta. This Chardonnay will shine with a tad of creamy flavor.

91 Points from James Suckling, and I will go with 89 Points. If you shop at Costco, throw a few bottles in the cart. The 2019 vintage is not the most recent, so get it while you can at this fantastic price.

Cheese plate with the 2019 Bonterra California Chardonnay

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