Managing the Bottle Barn Maze

Tips for managing the Bottle Barn maze The Bottle Barn in Santa Rosa is a wine lover’s paradise, but it can also be a confusing and wild ride of a wine-buying experience. You may have been to Total Wine or BevMo stores, which both have many wines, but the Bottle Barn outdoes them with its … [Continue reading]

Why drink Albariño Wines

The Granbazan Albariño is light but tasty and refreshing.

The Granbazan Albariño is light, but tasty and refreshing. Why now is the time to drink Albariño wines Attention all wine lovers and geeks: If you don’t know about the Albariño grape, it is time to get to know this excellent white wine grape from the land of Rias Baixas in the region of … [Continue reading]

Attention Trader Joe’s Shoppers

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc - Viognier

Trader Joe's wine picks 11 Best Trader Joe's Wines Attention Trader Joe's Shoppers! I recently ran across this article in "Eat This, Not That:" 11 Best Trader Joe's Wines, According to Sommeliers. "Eat This, Not That" is a website run by … [Continue reading]

Finding a Delicious Petite Sirah under $20

Delicious Petite Sirah for under $20

The Petite Sirah grape is a small grape, but one with big flavors. Vintage Wine Taster Don Ramon decided to see if he could find delicious Petite Sirah wines for under $20. One of our favorite Petite Sirah wines is from Cedarville Vineyards. The … [Continue reading]

Pairing Indian Cuisine with Wine

Indian cuisine and wine choices

It might be informative and fun to ask some local chefs for their wine recommendations for foods that present tough wine pairings. We will begin with Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine has many layers of flavors with subtle uses of spices and herbs. What … [Continue reading]

Grocery Outlet Wine Sale is April 3 to 11

Grocery outlet wine sale

We want to alert our readers that the Grocery Outlet Bargain Store has its 20% off wine sale from April 3 to April 11. Wine is always on sale at the Grocery Outlet, but the shopper gets an extra 20% discounted wine prices this week. The company buys … [Continue reading]