Zinfandel and more Zinfandel, the ZAP Experience

I do not believe any single wine varietal has many loyal supporters and advocates as does Zinfandel wine. Each year the ZAP organization puts on one outstanding Zinfandel Festival. The ZAP Experience is a three-day extravaganza. We do not attend any longer, because they now have a terrific Media-and-Press-only event. It’s fun and rewarding because it is a small and intimate experience, with many of the winery owners and winemakers present to pour and passionately speak about their Zinfandel wines. We spent two hours at The Pavilion at One Market to do a walk-around tasting with 80 wineries present. Most of the Zinfandel wines we tasted were not what you would say are bargain-category wines or within our GoodCheapVino standard of $20 or less. Nonetheless, I am listing our favorites of the tasting and their best retail price.

Some Zinfandel wines to consider

  • 2014 Angry Bunch Mendocino Zinfandel – $20
  • 2014 Ballentine Vineyards Estate Napa Valley Zinfandel – $28
  • 2013 Bedrock Under the Wire Sparkling Wine Old Vine – $50*
  • 2015 Evangelho Heritage, Contra Costa Zinfandel – $35
  • 2014 Dashe Cellars Dry Creek Zinfandel – $24
  • 2015 Dry Creek Vineyards Heritage Vines, Sonoma County – $15
  • 2013 Family Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi – $28
  • 2014 Green and Red Vineyards Chiles Canyon Vineyards Zinfandel – $25
  • 2014 Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel – $13
  • 2013 Puccioni Winery Old Vine Puccioni Ranch Dry Creek Valley – $31
  • 2015 Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel – $19
  • 2014 Carol Shelton Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel – $15

As you can see, only a few Zinfandels are under the $20 mark, but they are indeed delicious wines and great wine bargains. Use the Wine-Searcher.com Website to find out where these wines are available in your area. Several of these Zinfandel wines are from tiny producers and available only from their online wine sites.

* The Bedrock Under the Wire Sparkling Wine Old Vine is a remarkable sparkling wine, one of the best I have tasted in recent memory. It is all Zinfandel juice. No skins during fermentation, therefore a clear sparkling wine. Unfortunately, to purchase this wine, one must be on the Bedrock Mailing List.

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    Puccioni Old Vine Zinfandel

    • Hi Glenn, We hope we can visit you on May 24 with a group of about 10 wine friends. I will contact you soon about setting this up if it works for you.

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