Wine Sleuthing

Good wine deals go quickly and the old adage “You snooze, you lose” could not be more true than when it comes to wine sales. If you want to take advantage of wine deals, you need to become a wine sleuth.

Always peruse the wine shelves wherever you shop. Learn your wine prices. One week Safeway stores had an amazing sale on Domain Chandon  and Mumm sparkling wine for $10.80  a bottle if you purchased a half case. I’d seen that same wine earlier in the week at Lunardi’s grocery store. The cases of Chandon were displayed like it was a huge sale. It was selling for $21.95 a bottle. Remarkable!

You can check these websites to see what a wine is selling for everywhere else. Sometimes what seems to be a deal is just the normal price. Wine Searcher, WineZap, and Snooth.

When a wine is put on sale, the store will usually boast “50% off.”  The regular retail price used for the comparison is the highest possible price point.

At Trader Joe’s stores if you see a sign “Hustle Buy,” it means that Trader Joe’s is likely to have purchased the entire inventory of this wine. TJ’s had given the winery an offer they could not refuse. Once that wine is sold, it is gone.

If you see a wine deal that is too good to be true, buy a bottle or two to taste and evaluate it. The only problem with this strategy is that by the time you get back to the store it might be gone. Many wine sleuths will go out to the parking lot area and try a taste in fear the wine might be sold out if they wait too long. Keep a glass and corkscrew handy in the trunk of your car.

Each day you should check these three sites for wine bargains. These sites work much like Trader Joe’s or the Grocery Outlet by buying entire inventories from wineries or wine liquidators.

Wine Woot
Last Call Wines

Sign up at your local retail wine store for the shop’s newsletter. Check online dealers like K&L Wines and sign up for their email alerts.

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