Vinho Verde Wines

Vinho Verde wines are hot right now! This white, fizzy blend from Portugal has recently been growing in popularity. It is light, young, and very inexpensive, under the $10 range. Many say this wine is the perfect hot weather wine. We tasted several Vinho Verde wines at a recent Portuguese wine tasting in San Francisco with mixed results. While shopping at K&L Wines this past week, the store employees were touting two Vinho Verde wines. I snapped them up and decided to do a side-by-side comparison.

image of two vinho verde wines

Vinho Verde Wines

Quinta de Aveleda Vinho Verde 2012 – K&L Wines $8.99

K&L Wines calls this the “Ultimate summer white.” My August issue of the Wine Enthusiast says “Dry and delicious, this is very food friendly.” It gives the wine 90 Points. I think the best part of this wine is the aroma. It reminds me of walking in a flower garden. It is certainly refreshing in style and grows on you with each sip. The wine has a bit of fizz to it that gives the wine a thirst-quenching character. I think this wine is well made and I’ll rate it at 88 points.

Cave Messian “Santola” Vinho Verde – KL Wines $8.99

This is a non-vintage version of a Vinho Verde wine. I love the aroma of this wine, but the rest of the wine is very unexciting. For the same price the Aveleda Vinho wine is a much better choice. 85 Points.

rancho-rieslingAlthough I like Aveleda Vinho Verde wine, my palate would rather have a good Albariño or Riesling. For example, Burlingame BevMo has the refreshing Rancho Sisquoc Santa Barbara Riesling on sale for $8.37 a bottle. I reviewed this wine previously and think it is head and shoulders above either of the above two Vinho Verde wines I sampled. I realize it’s a totally different wine, but if it is “refreshing” that you are after, the Rancho Sisquoc in my opinion is a much better choice. I thought the Rancho Sisquoc was a good deal at the winery for $12 but BevMo has given us a steal at $8.37!

The New York Times did a recent tasting and review of Vinho Verde wines. The article gives a good explanation of Vinho Verde wines.


  1. Joe,
    Many thanks for the heads-up on these wines. As I write this I’m sipping the 2012 Quinta de Aveleda Vinho Verde – it’s delicious, and a perfect cocktail wine as well as an accompaniment to a meal. The effervescence puts this one right over the top – thanks again!

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