Three styles of Sauvignon Blanc

Which style of Sauvignon Blanc is your favorite?

This week we had a houseguest from England who is fascinated with New Zealand style Sauvignon Blanc. During the week I poured her a New Zealand style S. B. and two different California Sauvignon Blanc wines.

Sauvignon Republic $7.99 – Trader Joe’s
sauvignonrepublicThis wine has the classic grapefruit and gooseberry characteristics found in most New Zealand styles of Sauvignon Blanc wine. For me this wine was just a little over the top in these two characteristics. I enjoyed the first few sips but after that I found the wine unsatisfying. But for our houseguest Jane, this was just the style of wine she was looking for. The Wine Spectator recently rated this wine at 86 points and I will agree with that score.

Patianna 2010 Sauvignon Blanc $9.99 – BevMo

image of patianna sauvignon blanc

Patianna S.B. 2010

The 2009 version of this wine made my top white wine list for 2012. I also like the 2010 wine. It is made in stainless steel only and from organically grown grapes. The wine is a lovely-tasting wine and beckons for the outdoors. The wine has nice acidity, minerality, and a very clean and refreshing finish. Sadly, Mike Lee the winemaker at Patianna for the last six years, passed away earlier this month. Enjoy Mike Lee’s last vintage. The Patianna winery sells this wine for $16.99 so the BevMo price is a significant discount. 88 Points.

Whitehall Lane 2011 Sauvignon Blanc $13 to $19 – at various stores
whitehall-lane-sbThis is one of my personal favorites and often part of the Safeway sale. Back in December I purchased a half case at the Safeway sale for $12.60 a bottle, and that is a stupendous price for this wine. I previously reviewed this wine and rated it at 89 points. The main difference from the Patianna wine is that 15% of Whitehall S.B. has the Semillon grape and a small amount of barrel fermentation. These two factors give the wine an entirely different mouth feel. The Patianna is crisp and clean, perhaps the ideal picnic wine, whereas the Whitehall Lane has more of a dinner wine feel to it.

So when it was all said and done, our British houseguest preferred the Sauvignon Republic to the other two wines. I must also admit that she is not an everyday wine drinker and one small glass suits her just fine. It just better be a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.


  1. The Sauvignon Republic is the wine of the week from the Wine Spectator. I think it is an excellent value when you look at its competition from the southern hemisphere.

  2. Marty Diffley says:

    Two recent favorite “summer wines” here in Paso Robles for me.
    River Star Sauvignon Blanc and Clavo Vermintino.
    the Clavo has a soft texture and bright fruit that suits my summer pallate.

    • I tried a couple of Vermentino wines at a wine tasting at a recent wine tasting. I think they are a good choice for a summer wine. Thanks for the suggestions.


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