Thomas Fogarty Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 at Costco

Here we go this week again with two bargain red wines to recommend. Last week we recommended two reds from Safeway under $10. This week it’s Costco with the Thomas Fogarty Cab at $19.69 and the Bodega Norton Reserva Malbec 2010 for $12.59.

Thomas Fogarty Santa Cruz Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 – $19.69
Last Sunday we took a cruise up to the Thomas Fogarty winery atop Skyline Blvd. in Palo Alto. The views here are fantastic; you can see the Bay Area to the east from north to the south. We tasted several wines, but the one we enjoyed the most was this particular Cabernet Sauvignon. It is $32 at the winery, but I didn’t buy it there because I’d previously spotted this wine at my Costco store. The next day I went shopping at Costco and found the same wine for $19.69. This is a very nice Cabernet at just under the $20 mark. Let this wine breathe or run it through an aerator. This youngster needs air to really open it up and enjoy. If you are a Napa Valley Cabernet drinker, you will find this wine to be far different. The terroir of the Santa Cruz Mountains really shows in this Cabernet. I found the wine to have more acid and fewer tannins than you would find in a Napa Valley Cab. It has nice cassis and red fruit characteristics. We had this wine with a Prosciutto and basil pesto pizza, and it was just perfect. The wine improved with each bite of pizza. 89 Points.

Another wine we like in the Fogarty lineup is the Gewürztraminer. This is a lovely dry wine with the typical aroma of lychee nut. If I can find the wine for $13 or less, I’ll snap it up. At this price I firmly believe that no other California Gewürztraminer can match up.

If you are interested in visiting Thomas Fogarty or other Santa Cruz wineries, take a look at the Santa Cruz Mountain wine region on WineCountryGetaways.

image of Thomas Fogarty Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Thomas Fogarty Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Norton Reserva Malbec 2010 – $12.59
Like the Fogarty above, this wine needs breathing time. There is a lot of complexity in the wine, so pop the cork on it about an hour before drinking. This wine is a good choice for an everyday red wine or for one to serve to a large crowd. There are no flaws to the wine, just enjoyable drinking. I like this wine but not nearly as much as the Wine Spectator does. The W.S. gave it 90 Points and more importantly listed it as one of the Top 100 Wines for 2012. I find that very hard to believe. We had it with a hearty lentil soup and it paired nicely. I go with 88 Points, another terrific value offered by the Costco wine department.

image of Norton Reserva Malbec

Norton Reserva Malbec


  1. Your pairing for the wines sound rediculous. Pizza for the Fogarthy and Lentil Soup !!! for the Norton. Seriously?

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