Tasting Location Wines

David Phinney's Location Wines

David Phinney’s Location Wines

Tasting Location Wines with David Phinney

What a fun and exciting time we had tasting three Location Wines at a live video conference event featuring renowned winemaker David Phinney. You might remember David Phinney from the Orin Swift label and his wildly successful The Prisoner Wine. He sold the Orin Swift label and The Prisoner for many millions.  Now Dave Phinney concentrates on a very novel concept in wine production, the Location Wines.

Location wines enable David Phinney to produce wines from different countries or different locations around the world without constraints or appellation laws. This is because Location Wines have no vintage date, are not one variety of grape, and are not from one appellation. The art of vineyard selection and blending are the key to making these wines, an art that David Phinney has perfected.

David began the Location Wines with three wines, one each from France, Spain and Italy. These were the wines we tasted during the video conference tasting.  A large single letter on the label designates the country’s location of the wine. Currently David Phinney produces ten wines including one each from Texas, Oregon and California. With the exception of his Corsican wine, the Locations Wines are all reds. A French Rosé is in the works as well as a California white wine.

The Location Wines all sell for the same amount, in the range of $15 to $18. I recently picked up the F Locations Wine at Cost Plus World market for a dazzling $13.99. That price was for purchasing four or more, mix-or-match, at Cost Plus. The Location Wines are tremendous values. The wines are moderate in style, made to be enjoyed now but also can be aged for a few years. The three wines we taste were well balanced, complex, and rich with character. Well made is the best way to characterize the wines. David Phinney offers a huge “Bang for the Buck” with his Location Wines. Use the Wine-Searcher.com to look for Location Wines near you.




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