Safeway Wine Sale – Three Wines to Consider

Here are three wines to consider on sale now at selected Safeway Stores. We purchased these three wines at the Safeway in Burlingame. The prices listed for each wine reflect the sale discount of 30%, plus a 10% discount if you mix-or-match six or more wines.

Safeway Wine Sale

image of 2012 Luna Pinot Grigio

2012 Luna Pinot Grigio from Napa Valley

Luna Pinot Grigio 2012 – $9.90

The price for the Pinot Grigio is $18 on the Luna Vineyards online wine shop. This is a terrific value and the best of the three wines we are recommending in this report. The Luna Pinot Grigio is a very refreshing wine, delicious for sipping as an aperitif or enjoying with light meals. I also think it makes a great lunch wine and, with the weather we have been having, you can take this Pinot Grigio outdoors and enjoy it with a picnic lunch. The wine is delicious throughout with fruit flavors, some apple and a bit of lemon. A check on Luna Vineyards Website reveals that this wine is composed of 94.4% Pinot Grigio from the Napa Valley, 4.6% Chardonnay also from the Napa Valley, and 1% Albarino from Monterey County for a “lively note.” 89 Points is my rating on this very snappy wine.

image of 2011 Zocker Grüner Veltliner

2011 Zocker Grüner Veltliner

Zocker 2011 Paragon Vineyards Grüner Veltliner – $13.86

I was quite surprised to find this white varietal wine on the shelf at the Safeway. It is a wine that folks who shop for groceries at the Safeway would normally not recognize. Unless you are a wine geek, most likely a Grüner Veltliner is unknown to a Safeway shopper. Very few wineries in California make a Grüner. The wine is primarily produced in Austria and in recent years has grown in popularity in the U.S. and other parts of the world. It is a great food wine, so you are likely to find an Austrian Grüner on the wine menu of many fine restaurants. I think the Safeway must have struck an inventory clearance deal with the Zocker winery because the current release is the 2012. This wine is fun and exciting. The acidity is balanced nicely with the fruit flavors of limes. There is some zestiness to this wine and I think it is a good choice for a meal on the spicy side. Give it a chance and you might find that a Grüner Veltliner is the wine for you. Zocker is located in San Luis Obispo and is one of the labels produced by the Niven Family Wine Estates. 88 Points

If you want to know more about Grüner Veltliner watch this one minute video to gain a better understanding of this wine. Remember if you receive this article in an email, you must go to Wine Values and Bargains to view.

Il Gioiello 2010 Zinfandel – $8.09

Vintage Wine Taster Jim C. likes this Zinfandel so much at $8.09 a bottle that he bought a case and a half. And why not? It is very hard to find a wine as tasty at this price. This is a big Zinfandel; it weighs in at a whopping 15.9% alcohol. I think it drinks softer than 15.9%, but this wine catches up with you during a meal. The wine has good fruity Zinfandel flavors along with some spice. This one should sell briskly at this price point. 87 Points.

image of il gioiello zin

2010 Il Gioiello Amador Zinfandel


  1. We just got another gem at Safeway Burlingame from Il Gioello, the Morse 2008 amador county Mouvedre, very limited availability and $10.90 with the 6-pack price. Hurry before it’s gone! Absolutely lusty fruit and cedar notes, long and luxurious finish. Healthy 20% dose of Syrah makes this such a crowd pleaser. 14.9% alcohol…you won’t notice it.

  2. The current big deal 5-20-2014, is Charles and Charles Rose made with Rhone varietals and it is a knockout of a wine. Especially at less than $8 a bottle. Ancient Peaks at less than $12 is another value.

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