Safeway Wine Sale – Bargain Wine Alert

Vintage Wine Tasting member Ray has posted this information to alert our readers about the current Safeway wine sale

Safeway Wine Sale

Safeway wine sale

Sale runs until November 8

Your local Safeway in the San Francisco Bay Area is running a rather impressive sale on wine until Nov. 8. ALL wines are 30% off with an additional 10% off on six or more bottles. The good thing is that those six or eight or twelve bottles may all be different but the discount still applies.

The discount applies to not only reds and whites, but all sparkling wines also. Sample savings: a $40 bottle of Mumm’s sells for $28; a magnum of Veuve Clicquot regularly $150 is now $100. This would be an excellent time to stock up on that favorite wine of yours. Don’t forget, Thanksgiving festivities are near.

Wine sale at Safeway


  1. Thank you, Ray! Have you been to the new Burlingame Safeway yet?

  2. Yes, the brands you cite are well-known thanks to a lot of marketing dollars. The cost of that marketing and advertising is then built into the price of those wines. But life’s too short to drink mass-produced wine such as Mumm and Veuve Clicquot. I was in a store which specializes in lesser-known wineries and they had Delamotte in magnum for $99.99 and there’s a further case discount–if you’re a fussy Champagne drinker, a wine such as that would be of greater interest than the heavily-promoted Clicquot. Why not encourage wine drinkers to branch out and explore seriously good wines instead of big, corporate “drinks company” brands?
    Just a thought…

    • Those of us who drink wine on a daily basis and have a limited budget always look to the best priced value wines. I certainly would love to drink the better stuff but then I would not be able to drink wine during the week. I don’t like that option. Thanks for you comment.

  3. how often do they run this sale?
    I stumbled across it and bought some wine… Can’t resist. Had a nice Pinot I hadn’t tried before.

  4. The only problem with the “Big” Wine sale it is not such a “Big” sale. It turns out that they give you 30% off the market price, not their shelf price. I purchased six bottles of Cuvaison that had the “Shelf Price” of $14.97. Naturally that is the price I thought the discounts would apply to….. Well they don’t. They rang up for $19.99 per bottle then took off the 30% of $6.00 the the 10% (six bottles or more discount) $1.40, so I ended up paying $12.59 per bottle. The shelf price of $14.97 less the 10% discount for 6 or more bottles came up to $13.47 per bottle. In other words, I saved 88 cents bottle. Not exactly the savings I thought I was getting for this “Really Big Wine Sale”

    • I had the same thing happen to me when I purchased some Domaine Chandon sparkling wine. I had the checker get the manager and it turns out that it was a computer issue. I hope that was right? Safeway has a crazy way of calculating your discount on the 6 bottles.


  5. The Safeway “sale” is no bargain. The 30% + 10% off wine is based on a sky-high “retail” price. Safeway’s 30% discount on Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio was based on a $28.55 retail cost! Buying 6 bottles gets the price down to $17.13. Not exactly a steal.

    • I agree that in some cases there is really no sale. However I just purchased a case of Domain Chandon sparkling wine that works out to $10.80 a bottle. There is absolutely no other wine shop in this area that sells this wine any lower. The wine is $22 on Domain’s online store. This is in reality a 50% discount. Bottom line is that when shopping Safeway for wine know your wine and wine prices. Thanks for your comment. Joe

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