Safeway 30% Wine Sale – Deal?

March 2014 Wine Sale

March 2014 Wine Sale

Deal or no deal, that is the question! 30% off all wines, really? Do you have trust in the Safeway? I just read on that the Safeway Company settled a lawsuit “alleging that it charged higher prices than advertised, misrepresented the weights of products and falsely claimed that produce from other countries was locally grown.” Let’s dig into the Safeway 30% Wine Sale that runs through March 2014 to see if there are really wine bargains to be had.

Overall, I believe the Safeway 30% Wine Sale is a very good place to find several wine values and bargains. I know there are skeptics out there but I have been keeping track of Safeway prices for the past couple of years. If you look carefully and know your wine prices, there are many good bargains during this sale. And yes, the 30% is always based on the SRP of the wine, the highest price point of a wine.

Safeway 30% Wine Sale

Let’s start with an example of Ancient Peaks Old Vine Zinfandel 2011. At the Safeway near me, the 2011 Ancient Peaks Old Vine Zinfandel is now selling for $13.29 a bottle. With the extra 10% off if you mix or match 6 wines, the price drops to $11.96. Retail price at the Ancient Peaks winery is $17.00. The Safeway is basing their 30% on a price point of $18.99. Bottom line, no matter how you cut it, the price of $11.96 is a fantastic price for this very popular Zinfandel wine. This same wine is currently selling for $12.99 at Costco and for $13.99 at K&L Wines. When the Safeway 30% Sale is not on, the price for the Ancient Peaks is $14.99/$13.50. Note, even when the sale is not on, the Safeway gives the customer 10% off for buying 6 wines. For all sale prices, one must have a Safeway Club Card.

Here is another example. Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc is selling for $10.99/$9.98. You cannot beat the price of $9.98 anywhere that I have seen. Costco is selling this wine for $11.49. The price at the online wine shop at Ferrari Carano is $14.00.

The Gruet Brut sparkling wine from New Mexico is priced at $13.99/$12.59. The Gruet average price at other stores including K&L Wines is $15.99. This is a delicious sparkling wine loved by the wine critics.

safeway wine sale

Two bargain Zins at the Safeway 30% Wine Sale

Not all Safeway wine departments are the same. The upper-tier Safeways, those in affluent areas, are stocked with more wines, including higher-priced wines and boutique labels. There are Safeway stores north and south of where I live. The Millbrae store has a much smaller wine department than the Burlingame store. I see big-name wines produced in large amounts at the Millbrae store. At the Safeway in Burlingame, there is a wine steward who stocks the shelves and requests various boutique wines from the corporate office. I see labels like Il Gioiello, Morse, Luna, Zocker, Renwood, Carol Shelton and Alfaro. You will not see any of these labels at most other Safeway Stores.

Other good values at the current Safeway 30% Wine Sale:

Quivira Sauvignon Blanc – $10.49/$9.44
St Francis Old Vine Zinfandel – $14.99/$13.49
Tangent Albarino – $11.89/$10.70
Luna Pinot Grigio – $9.79/$8.81
Luna Cabernet Sauvignon – $13.64/$12.28
Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc – $10.99/$9.99
Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Cabernet – $19.99/$17.99
Renwood Old Vine Zinfandel – $13.99/$12.49.

The one major deficiency of even the higher-end Safeway wine departments is the dearth of European wines. There is little to choose from if you are looking for wines from the Rhone Valley, Rioja region of Spain or wines from Tuscany.

One more interesting note about this particular Safeway 30% Wine Sale: Two weeks ago we were shopping at the Safeway well before the Safeway 30% Wine Sale. The Domain Chandon Brut, Rose, and Riche were selling for $11.70 if you mixed or matched six. We purchased a half case at this very low price. Now during the Safeway 30% Wine Sale, the Chandon Sparkling wines are selling at the mix-or-match six price of $12.59. Go figure!


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  1. mike wong says:

    it’s always “buyer beware” when you shop.
    whether it’s Safeway or BevMo or xxxx,
    the astute buyer already knows what a decent price should be.

    The above mentioned stores have been known to switch/adjust price retail tags for their sales. That doesn’t mean the retailer is swindling you, just recognize you probably are not saving as much as you think.

    However, if you are patient and scan many tags, you CAN find a few very good deals. I just bought Maker’s Mark Bourbon, OVZ zin, & Alexander Valley Cab, for 20% discount from what I “believe” their everyday, unadjusted normal price. And their 6 bottle “bulk” purchase policy allows combination of all liquors, not just wines 🙂

    • Thanks, I did not know that the six bottle discount included liquors. Good to know!

    • Marian Monks says:

      I just had a very bad experience with Safeway.
      They currently have their 30 per cent off wine sale at their Guerneville CA store.
      I called Tuesday. The shelf price of their Bogle Essential Red wine was $9.79.
      The sale price should have been $6.17. Thirty per cent off, the ten percent more off for six or more. I ordered three cases. Went to pick it up today and they had jacked up the shelf price to $13plus and wanted to charge us $8 plus a bottle. Talked to the store manager who said this was correct.
      I talked with the wine manager before I ordered the wine and said I had seen an article on the net that said Safeway jacked up their prices for this sale. She said this wouldn’t happen to me. It did.
      Does anyone know of a lawsuit that is addressing this deceptive pricing?

      • What I like to do at the Safeway sale is take a photo of the wine with the price label. That helps me double check at the checkout counter. The Safeway sales receipt is so difficult to decipher. Too bad for this experience of yours.

      • Brandon says:

        So your complaining about saving $2 per bottle? Forget about “30%” gimmicks, the Safeway sale really is the best time to stock up on wine. They will beat everybody on about 95% of the wines they sell.

        • For some folks, every dollar counts. Safeway is not always able to beat the same wine at Costco. Sometimes yes, but most of the time Costco has the lowest price on the same wine.

      • Just happened to me and I am furious…spent over $300 only to find at checkout there was really no deal.

  2. David Haley says:

    One more standout deal that’s available at the MV/Los Altos store (El Camino and San Antonio) is the Carol Shelton “Wild Thing” Zinfandel for $13.99. It’s usually around the $20-$22 range, and I’ve seen it as high as $25.99 (BevMo’s current price).

    • David, you are so right about the Carol Shelton. Unfortunately my Safeway is out of stock at the moment. They do expect to get more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Safeway just started offering Duckhorn Chardonnay at elite stores; this is a wine you won’t find at most any retail store. Granted, the price is in the mid-$30’s but if you’re a Duckhorn fan…

    Burlingame Safeway also has many more French wines than most Safeways. Space being limited as it is, the selection over the past couple of years has expanded well beyond the norm.

    An unexpected bargain is currently the Kenwood Sonoma County Merlot 2011. A Best of Class winner at the SF Chronicle Wine Competition for $10-$15 Merlot. It is $8.99 ($8.10 mix/match). One of my personal picks..

  4. greg yeakel says:

    We live in Bend Oregon and missed the last Safeway wine sale.
    When will the wines be on sale again?

    • When they set the full 30% sale for all wine is a mystery. The store gets a heads up only a few days before. They always have some wine reduced by 30% and another 10% if you mix or match. I just picked up some Rivas Vineyard Wente Vineyards for $9 a bottle. A stunning deal considering the wine club price at Wente for this wine is $17.20.

  5. Marian Monks says:

    Thanks Joe. That is a very good idea.
    I just called the Safeway national customer relations number. She is going to call the Safeway manager. But of course, it is her word against mine.

  6. Eric Womack says:

    I noticed these updates are a little.old. I just spent the winter in Palm Springs again. A number of the big chains and.TJ’so are not far apart. Easy to compare. Stater-Brothers, at least two years in a row, kills the other chains. With 4 or more mix and match at 30% off. And, sometimes in high season another 10% off. That’s 40% off. Why would anyone stop at 4? Your going to drink them sometime.

  7. Is Safeway still jacking up its shelf prices before their 30 percent off prices?

    • Some wine yes, other no. I can never figure out how they play the sales game. But there are some great deals if you know your wine prices. Keep reading our blog. Thanks, Joe

    • Safeway has never sold any wine at the advertised higher price on the pricing tag. They advertise a 30% discount, but you do not get a 30% discount. The slight-of-hand trick they use is to take 30% off the higher price listed, which has never been used as the actual selling price. It is a rip-off trick to make you believe you are saving 30% when in fact your savings may less than 10%. How do they get away with such dishonesty is because this practice has become the norm.

  8. Thanks, Joe. I think I am subscribed but will do it again.

  9. Thanks Joe,
    I see Safeway in our area is running a two bottle for the price of one wine sale this week.
    Is this a legitimate sale?

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