Cru Beaujolais Wine Tasting – Which Beaujolais is the best wine bargain?

Cru Beaujolais Wine Tasting

Cru Beaujolais Wine Tasting Cru Beaujolais wines are the highest level of wines in the Beaujolais region. Most wine drinkers will recognize Beaujolais wines by the term Beaujolais Nouveaux. Beaujolais  Nouveau wines are fermented for a few weeks and … [Continue reading]

Perfecto Albariño at Costco

Laxas Albarino

2015 Laxas Albariño - Costco $10.59 The 2015 Laxas Albariño is a delicious white wine you should jump on ASAP at your local Costco store. Hopefully, they have this wine stocked. It is a crazy good Albariño at $10.59. The Spanish Table stores are … [Continue reading]

World Market Wine Case Sale – 30%

world market wine case sale

Bargain Wine Alert - World Market Case Sale World Market Cost Plus is currently having a wine case sale, with 30% off all their wines. You can choose one wine or mix-and-match all the wines to get the wine case sale price. The sale ends on April 4, … [Continue reading]

Zinfandel and more Zinfandel, the ZAP Experience

I do not believe any single wine varietal has many loyal supporters and advocates as does Zinfandel wine. Each year the ZAP organization puts on one outstanding Zinfandel Festival. The ZAP Experience is a three-day extravaganza. We do not attend any … [Continue reading]

A Great Five-Dollar Bottle Of Napa Valley Wine

2013 Cornerstone Cellars Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc Cornerstone Cellars is a very respected Napa Valley Winery with a busy tasting room in Yountville. Vintage Taster  Mike and I were flabbergasted to find the 2013 Cornerstone Cellars Napa Valley … [Continue reading]

A White Graves Wine – a tasty and refreshing wine from Bordeaux

Chateau De Chantegrive White Graves

2011 Chateau De Chantegrive Graves When traveling through Marin County, I always look for a chance to stop in at the Novato Costco store. The Novato Costco has a terrific wine department. I find wines at this Costco that are not carried at any of … [Continue reading]