Two 90-Point Costco Pinot Noir wines under $14


More Costco Pinot Noir "Picks" that will not break the bank brought you by the Vintage Wine Tasters. Cloisonné Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands 2013 - Costco $10.99 Vintage wine taster Mike, who we call the Sherlock Holmes of finding wine … [Continue reading]

Two Great Chardonnays under $14

wellington chardonnay

I am the first to admit that as far as white wines, Chardonnay is not my "go to" wine. Janelle on the other hand considers Chardonnay as her favorite white wine. So that means from time to time the dinner table must have a good Chardonnay to … [Continue reading]

Wine Breather – great for improving young red wines


I love gadgets, especially wine gadgets. I discovered the Wine Breather, an aerator/carafe at the Louis Martini Winery in the Napa Valley. We were on a tour and tasting there a couple of weeks ago. Our Louis Martini tour guide and host pulled off the … [Continue reading]


Tenshen red wine 2013

We are in the final days of the year 2014. Are you still looking to stock up on wines for the New Year's celebration? Don't forget to view our recent posts,  Top Bargain Reds and the Top Bargain Whites of 2014. You can still find most of these wines … [Continue reading]

Top White Bargain Wines 2014

Charles Krug Sauvignon

Last week we announced our favorite bargain red wines of 2014 and today we introduce our top white bargain wines of 2014.  Like the red wines the Vintage Wine Tasters  recommended, these white wines should be on the shelves today.  I found many great … [Continue reading]

Wente Vineyards Riva Ranch Chardonnay 2013

Wente Rivas Ranch Chardonnay

Happy Holidays to all our readers! We have some exciting news. Wine Values and Bargains now has its own Facebook Page. If you are a  Facebook member, please post your suggestions for any wine you think is a wine value or wine bargain on this Facebook … [Continue reading]