Our Bargain Wine Picks of the Week – February 28

This is a series of weekly bargain wine picks by the members of the Vintage Wine Tasting Club. We meet every other month for a formal tasting session but in between we communicate with each other whenever we discover a great wine bargain. We love the sport of bargain wine hunting. I’ll sort through the members’ picks each week and highlight the best bargain wines for your dinner table. Here are our bargain wine picks from the past week.

Les Mines Priorat 2003 – Recommended by Ray
My pick this week is the ’03 Les Mines (les mee’ nus) Priorat red from Spain now on the 5-cent sale at BevMo for $12.52 (factoring in the additional 5 cents for a second bottle). It’s a healthy-bodied red at 14.5% made from 50% Garnacha (Grenache), 35% Carignan and 15% Syrah from the dense slate soils of the Priorat region in northeastern Spain. The tannins are rounded, the bouquet Syrah-like, and the after palate is lingering and characterized by tobacco/chocolate tones. This bottle is severely under-priced and could easily take on bottles that are $40-$50. It’s a serious wine that would accompany game, red meats and pastas. There is a limited supply of this wine, so the early bird will score.

Doña Paula 2009 Estate Malbec $10.99 – Recommended by JIm
Last December Joe wrote a post about comparing this Doña Paula with two other Malbec wines. I took part in that blind tasting and Doña Paula was a standout. The Doña Paula was a sample Joe had received from a PR company and it had not yet been released to the wine shops. Just recently this wine has appeared at various wine shops and Costco has a huge supply for $10.99. Cost Plus has it for $11.99 and other places as high as $16. This is about the best Malbec you are going to find at this price. The aromas are wonderful and the finish is a beauty. The Wine Spectator gives this wine 90 points and I have to agree.

Paco & Lola 2009 Albariño – $13.99 – Recommended by Joe
Tired of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris/Grigio? You need to try some Albariño wine. This one is among the best of the Spanish Albariño’s I have tried under the $15 mark. It has aromas and flavors of citrus, mostly lemon, a touch of lime and perfect acidity in the mouth. Have this with a light fish dish like Gambas (shrimp) on the grill. Add a squeeze of lemon to your seafood and you have the perfect match with this tasty and fresh wine. The label on the bottle is fun and so is drinking this wine. If you have not tried an Albariño, this one is the perfect choice to start enjoying this beautiful varietal from the Rias Baixas region of Galicia, Spain. Costco has this wine in the S.F. Bay Area. Great import!

Nothing to Write Home About
This is a new category title that represents wines Vintage members tried during the week that did not impress us enough for us to try or buy again.

Chariot Gyspy 2009 Red at Trader Joe’s – flat and nothing much to it but an odd after taste.

Robert Hall Rhone de Robles $11.99 at TJ’s. The Rabbit Ridge Allure de Robles at TJ’s is a better wine at half the price.

Zaca Mesa 2007 Syrah $16.56 – At Costco, this wine did not live up to its 90-point hype.

Reyes Priorat for 8.99 at Tj’s – for $4 more, the Les Mines Priorat 2003 above is 20 times better.

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