Mexican Food and Wine Pairing – The May 2013 Poll

What wine with tacos?

What wine with tacos?

I thought it would be fun to do a wine and food matching poll for May. Cinco de Mayo is upon us, so I thought I would go with a Mexican food theme. Most people choose to have beer with Mexican food, but I think wine is a better choice. It is a little tricky trying to find a wine that pairs well with the spiciness of Mexican dishes. Whether it be enchiladas, tacos, chile rellenos, tamales, fajitas, or a huge burrito, what wine would you choose to drink with any of these dishes?

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Ceja Vineyards is one of the leading Mexican-owned wineries in the Napa Valley and on their Website they have an extensive recipe list of Mexican dishes, complete with suggested wines to accompany the dish. If you are interested in cooking up an authentic Mexican dish, try one of their recipes. Most of the recipes are on video so that makes it easy to understand and duplicate.

Previously, I posted my recipe for Guacamole on Good Cheap Vino. Here it is again. It is the perfect appetizer for your Mexican dinner on Cinco de Mayo. How to Make Guacamole.

image of Guacamole

Winning Guacamole

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