Masperla Priorat 2007 is top bargain pick of the week

Each week we post our favorite bargain wines we have tasted during the previous week. These are wines that we have purchased from various stores on the San Francisco Peninsula. Each week our Vintage Wine Club suggests wine for this list. Here are the picks for the week of Dec 10.

Masperla Priorat 2007 Spain – $16.99 Costco (Joe’s Pick)
This is an interesting wine that we found at the Redwood City Costco last week. As you can easily guess from its name, the wine is from the Priorat wine designation of Spain that is located in the Catalunya region. In the Priorat the predominant grape is the Garnacha (Grenache) grape. Grenache seems to be growing in popularity these days and for good reason; the wine is delicious and overall reasonably priced. Some call it a poor man’s Pinot Noir. If you have not yet tried a Spanish Garnacha, and in particular one from one of the hottest wine regions in the world, the Priorat, give the Masperla a try. You will be delighted. In drinking this wine I get mocha and black fruit character with easy tannins and gentle acidity. I love the wonderful mouth feel, and the aftertaste lingers on. It is medium bodied and a little more on the heavier side of a Garnacha. The wine is listed as a Garnacha blend and I would love to know what other grapes are in this wine. I could find little about the Masperla on the Web, no spec sheet or information on the blend, barrel treatment, or bottle aging. I give this wine an 90 Points.

Maperla Priorat 2007 at Costco for $16.99

Masperla is a Grenache blend

2009 Fratelli Ponte Barbera d’ Asti superiore – $10.99 Weimax (Bruce’s Pick)
Fratelli Ponte Barbera from the Piedmont region of Italy. Found at Weimax

Fratelli Ponte Barbera d’ Asti

This past week our Vintage Wine Tasting Club blind tasted 12 Barbera wines, 6 from California and 6 from Italy. This wine rating was 3rd place among the Italian wines in a close scoring of the wines, but with a price of $10.99 we had to recommend it as one of the wines of the week. Later this week we will post the complete results of the Barbera blind tasting. Lake all Barberas from Italy, this is a great food wine, especially with tomato-based pasta and other dishes. This wine is one of those special picks by Gerald, the owner of Weimax Wines in Burlingame. He discovered this small winery while visiting the Piemonte region of Italy a few years ago. This wine is a real find and thanks to Vintage Wine Taster Bruce for selecting this wine as part of the Barbera tasting. So nice at this price for an 88-Point wine.

Bargain Wine Sales
Sales abound throughout the San Francisco area at Costco, Safeway, and BevMo. Last week I made some recommendations for the Costco wine sale. It looks like the Safeway and BevMo have the same usual suspects on their shelves. Some good deals if you sort through the list. We welcome your recommendations; please post in the comment section.


  1. Joe,

    The grapes in the Masperla are:

    50% Grenache
    25% Carignan
    15% Cab Sauv
    7% Merlot
    3% Syrah

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