Louis Max Beaucharme Chardonnay – Burgundy


2015 Louis Max Beaucharme A White Burgundy – Costco $17.99

There are Chardonnay wines, and then there are real Chardonnay wines. What I mean by that statement is, until you have ventured into the world of White Burgundy wine, you have not had a real Chardonnay. It is the Burgundy region of France where the Chardonnay grape gained its fame and fortune. In Burgundy, where Pinot Noir is also king, there are four classifications. The highest is Grand Cru, then comes Premier Cru, then Village, and the lowest classification is Bourgogne. The 2015 Louis Max Beaucharme is a Bourgogne wine. This means that the Chardonnay grapes came from not a single Village or a single vineyard but a broad area of Burgundy. The spec sheet info tells us where the grapes were sourced: “This wine is made from vineyards spread all over Burgundy, from Chablis in the North to Macon in the South. This blend combines Chablis’s crispiness and liveliness, Cote d’Or’s roundness and strength, richness from the Côte Chalonnaise and generous fruit flavors from the Maconnais. The vines are conducted using the Guyot pruning, which permits a strict yield control.”

Decanter Magazine describes the 2015 Burgundy vintage as an uneven year with some areas of the region bringing in great vintages and others not go good. This type of vintage favors the Bourgogne classification. Vintners can bring in grapes from the areas that had a favorable harvest. The Louis Max Beauharme is 100% Chardonnay fermented in stainless tanks and then aged in barrel for one year. Only 10% were new oak barrels.

For  $18 this White Burgundy wine is very worth a try for at least one bottle. I love the crisp style of this wine, with very little oak showing in the wine. It is unlike any California Chardonnay. It has beautiful aromatics and a good supply of citrus and other light fruitiness. It is a great outdoor wine, wonderful with appetizers, seafood and fish dishes. If you enjoy this lighter style of Chardonnay, give this wine a try.  I guess you will be back for more. 89 Points for this scrumptious Chardonnay from Burgundy.

White Burgundy

We visited Burgundy in 2015. These are Chardonnay vineyards in Puligny-Montrachet


  1. I did not find this wine at my local CostCo which was a disappointment. My CostCo (Folsom, CA) has a large wine section that includes a good number of imported wines and, historically, has had the better wines that have been found in the Bay Area CostCos. There is, for example, a Chablis and a Sancerre or two all under $20 at the Folsom CostCo. I guess I am out of luck this time.

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