Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

While in the Napa Valley a little more than a week ago, we had lunch at the Farmstead Restaurant in St. Helena. The restaurant is run by the Long Meadow Ranch winery. We feasted on a delicious chicken salad and we each ordered a glass of the Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc. I have always enjoyed this S.B. and have reviewed the wine previously, the same 2011 vintage in fact that we were served at the restaurant.

The winery price for Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc is $20. Although wonderfully crisp and citrus in character, the wine is high at $20. Later in the week I found the wine on the shelf at the Napa Whole Foods Market for $19.99. The wine steward approached me and said the price was a tremendous bargain. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that this same exact wine is selling at my Costco store in Foster City for $13.99. Now at that price, the Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc is a true value and bargain wine. You can read the review of this outstanding wine that I wrote last October. 89 Points.

image of Long Meadow Ranch

Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Yes, the 2011 is still on the shelf at my Costco, but I would imagine that inventory is about to dry up. The winery has released the 2012 vintage and perhaps has some 2011 left. That is probably why we were served that vintage in the restaurant.

If you are in St. Helena I recommend a visit to the Farmstead Restaurant. The main dining area is open and spacious, with additional seating outside by the vegetable garden. It’s the perfect place for a wine country lunch.

image of Farmstead restaurant

Farmstead Restaurant

Pascual Toso Malbec 2011

I also reviewed this wine previously, but it is still plentiful on the shelves at Costco. I brought a couple of bottles with me for some of the big dinners we had at the Napa rental home. This wine is perfect for that type of occasion when you want to serve something decent that is easy on the pocketbook. This wine is certainly that and several of the diners commented on the wine. It is a balanced wine, meaning that it has no significant flaws or characters that annoy. It is a very pleasurable-drinking Malbec wine and goes nicely with a red meat dish, especially something cooked on the grill. The wine is $8.99 at Costco. 88 Points

image of Pascual Toso malbec

Pascual Toso Malbec

Mendocino Wine Country

We will be setting out on another wine country outing this week. We will be spending two nights in the town of Mendocino. On the way, we will spend time in the Anderson Valley visiting two or three wineries. On the return trip we will head back home through the Hopland wine country. These are two distinct wine regions in Mendocino County. I hope to find some wine values and bargains along the way.

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