Henry’s Drive 2006 Reserve Shiraz at Trader Joe’s

My good friend Mike, who is a veteran of the wine industry and is an honored member of our wine tasting club, tipped me off to two wines at Trader Joe’s. I am hoping he will post an article with more details but I wanted to let you know before these wines disappear from the shelves at TJ’s. Mike’s picks:

Henry’s Drive 2006 Reserve Shiraz
Here is what Mike has to say about this wine. “The deal—- TJ’s has only five cases per store. Check your local TJ’s or call if you want to reserve some. This wine sells elsewhere for $49.99. Just check Wine.com for proof. At $9.99 this wine is a “no-brainer” pick.

On Tuesday, after Mike’s advice, I purchased the only three bottles that were left at TJ’s and we tried one last night. Today, I’m calling other TJ’s in the area to see if they have any left. This is a beautiful full-bodied Shiraz that is a mouthful but smooth, well-balanced, and lots of flavors. If you like the Shiraz style wines of Australia, jump on this one if you can find any left at TJ’s.

Leonhardt 2008 Zinfandel
Here is another one of those deals too good to pass up. This wine is selling at TJ’s for $9.99. Elsewhere, selling for as much as $38. We tasted this wine together and it is a very elegant Zinfandel. It is not over-the-top and therefore a terrific food-friendly wine.

Jack’s Pick
My high school buddy Jack got some inside dope on the Trader Joe’s 2008 Carneros Pinot Noir. The Mahoney family sold Carneros Creek Winery a while back and apparently the new owners are having some financial problems. They sold Trader Joe’s their Pinot Noir juice. The wine is delicious and selling for $9.99 under the TJ label as Carneros Pinot Noir.

At Cost Plus
Mumm’s Prestiage Brut is on sale for $12.99. This wine was selected by the Wine Spectator at number 40 of the Top 100 Wines of 2010. This sale goes through December 31, 2010, at most Bay Area Cost Plus stores. This sparkling wine is a great selection for your holiday celebrations.


  1. Eleven bottles left of the Henrys Drive at the Hillsdale TJ’s.

  2. Chuck Kwasin says:

    Took the first tour with Dan Philips in 2001. Am interested in the Henry’s Reserve if any is left. Will await a rerply

    • We are not connected with Trader Joes but from what I gather the Henry’s Drive is gone at all TJ’s. Keep tune to this blog for more bargains.

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