Easy-drinking Merlot for $13

Rancho Sisquoc Merlot

From cool-climate Santa Maria AVA comes this easy-drinking Merlot

2014 Rancho Sisquoc Merlot

Costco $12.99

Rancho Sisquoc is a little-known family winery in the Santa Barbara Wine Country.  Perhaps even more obscure is the fact that the winery is owned and operated by one of San Francisco’s most historic and famous families, the Flood Family. It is a low-key winery producing small amounts of very nice-tasting wines, and this Merlot is one of them.

Costco is currently carrying the 2014 Rancho Sisquoc Merlot in many of their stores. It is a pleasant and easy-drinking Merlot at a fantastic Costco price of $12.99. The same wine is $20 at the winery’s online wine shop and $19.99 at Wine.com. The Wine Enthusiast rates this wine at 91 Points. The $12.99 price is quite a good wine deal.

The 2014 Rancho Sisquoc Merlot has a generous aroma of Merlot character, flanked by a wonderful coffee trait. Gentle black fruit flavors fill the mouth along with the coffee and cocoa notes. The finish is quite ample. This is a medium-bodied Merlot that does not overpower. It is a versatile food wine that will work well with chicken, lamb, pork, pizza, rice dishes and the like.  I rate this wine at 90 Points and worthy of at least a half-case in my wine cellar. Lovers of Merlot will find this wine very much to their liking. It is also a great wine party selection.




  1. I did find this merlot at my local CostCo. Joe describes the taste profile of this wine very well. And, I agree, it would be a good party wine. I am thinking backyard grill party.

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