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Here are a couple of reviews for wines under $10

Dynamic Red Table Wine – Trader Joe’s $8.99

The Dynamic Red Table Wine is a blend of 66% Cabernet Sauvignon and 34% Syrah from the Lake County AVA by Jim Fetzer. All the grapes used in this wine are biodynamically farmed. The Fetzer Family established the famed Fetzer label of Mendocino and sold the winery and vineyards to Brown-Forman in 1992. Jim Fetzer is one of ten siblings who reaped the benefits of this huge sale. Today Jim and three of his siblings each have their own winery. Jim Fetzer’s Ceago Vinegarden is a beautiful winery that sits off Clear Lake. It just might be the only California winery where you can arrive at the tasting room by boat.

I paid $8.99 for the Dynamic Red Table wine at Trader Joe’s and it is a very decent wine for the price. The top selling inexpensive wine these days at chain stores and supermarkets is Apothic Red. I think the Dynamic Red is a much better buy. It’s a mellow wine at 13.5% alcohol and has some nice dark fruit flavors. Although the aroma is light and there is little aftertaste, it is a pleasing wine. I rate it at 86 points. If you are looking for a decent red under $10 and you shop at Trader Joe’s, give it a try.

image of Dynamic red wine

Dynamic Red at TJ’s

Delas Saint-Esprit Cotes du Rhone 2010 – Costco $7.99, K&L Wines $9.99

Delas Saint-Esprit

Delas Saint-Esprit

This is a fantastic value-priced wine. I previously listed the 2009 Delas on my “Top Red Wines for 2011” and I think this is a close match. It is mostly made from the Syrah grape, but a small percentage of Grenache is also in the mix. Let the wine breathe and open before drinking. Run it through an aerated if you have one. The wine has delicious pepper and fruit aromas. The wine is delicate in the mouth and the Delas has a terrific finish. By finish, I mean that after you swallow it, many delicious flavors linger in the mouth and nose. This wine is a perfect match for Wild King Salmon or chicken dishes. I think a nice Risotto with shrimp would also be a perfect match. Robert Parker rates this wine at 88 Points, and I think that is right on the money. On the other hand, if you like big reds, you should probably skip both this wine and the Dynamic.

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  1. I took Joe’s advice and tried TJ’s dynamic red, and, yes, it’s a bargain at $8.99.
    Rich, full flavor without a cloying after sensation. This is definitely a wine to try, and I’ll be back for more! JF

  2. Sipping the beyond decent Dynamic right now with a haute-cuisine pastrami sandwich. I give it 90 points.

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