Dave Phinney and I Locations Wine

I Locations Wine

We spent from Wednesday to Sunday last week participating in the 6th annual North American Wine Bloggers Conference. We spent a day and a half in the Lake Chelan AVA of Washington State and the remainder of the time in the Okanagan wine region of British Columbia. Prior to leaving on our wine country excursion, we did have time to taste a couple of wines and one of these I can highly recommend. You must try it!

I Locations Wine Italy
label of I wine by Dave PhinneyThere are three wines in the Locations series, one each from Spain, France and Italy. Dave Phinney (Prisoner wine) is the winemaker and has carefully selected vineyards for each of these “Location” wines. I previously reviewed the E wine from Spain and enjoyed the wine immensely. When I spotted the I wine at BevMo for $16.99, I did not hesitate to give it a try.

The I Locations wine is another masterful job by Dave Phinney and carries a great price value for what the wine has to offer in quality. This is an Italian red wine blend of Negoamaro, Nero d’ Avola, Barbera and other native varietals from Puglia, Italy. I like the many fruit flavors that come across both in the nose and mouth. It’s the type of wine you like to savor and hold in your mouth before swallowing. It has a fresh style and is quite different from any Italian wine that I have tasted. The I Locations wine will go with many dishes. Fowl, pizza, pasta, lamb, or a juicy steak will match very well with this intriguing red. 90 Pts.

BevMo also carries the E wine from Spain and the F wine from France for $16.99. My local BevMo was sold out of the F wine; otherwise I would’ve tried that wine as well.

image of I location wine

Delicious Italian blend

More on the Wines from the Wine Bloggers Conference
We tasted many good wines but, sad to say, none in the value and bargain wine category. At Lake Chelan we tasted many good sparkling wines, Alsatian-style wines, and fantastic red wines. The red wines were my favorite wines, but all of them in the $35 to $50 category. Most of the wineries in the Lake Chelan wine region are very small producers, so few bottles leave the State.

image of tinhorn creek winery

Tinhorn Creek in Okanagan, B.C.

The Okanagan wine we tasted varied greatly in quality. There are some spectacular Rieslings in the bunch. These wineries are mostly small producers and nearly all their wines are sold in British Columbia. The most difficult obstacle for wineries is the high tax rate on each bottle of wine. The price listed on a bottle of wine includes the tax. So a $25 bottle includes the hefty tax rate. I was told that the tax on a bottle of wine could be as much as 30%. Thankfully, we do not have to pay those taxes in California.

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  1. Safeway was selling the E wine for the upper $20’s when I saw it.

    • $16.99 is a good price at BevMo for this wine. Last time I went to the Safeway there did not have any of the three Locations Wine. They did have the E wine from Spain in the early part of this year. Maybe sold out or not enough interest from consumers. I will keep watching for these wines.

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