Cru Beaujolais Wine Tasting – Which Beaujolais is the best wine bargain?

Cru Beaujolais Wine Tasting

Cru Beaujolais Wine Tasting

Cru Beaujolais Wine Tasting

Cru Beaujolais wines are the highest level of wines in the Beaujolais region. Most wine drinkers will recognize Beaujolais wines by the term Beaujolais Nouveaux. Beaujolais  Nouveau wines are fermented for a few weeks and then traditionally released on the third Thursday of November. It is an anxiously-awaited event in France.

The Cru Beaujolais wines are fermented and aged far longer than Beaujolais Nouveaux and, as a result, they are much more complex wines. The Vintage Wine Tasters recently did a blind tasting of six Cru Beaujolais wines.  All were purchased at K&L Wines in Redwood City.  Below are the wines we tasted, and they are listed in our ranking order.

  1. 2015 Julienes “Beauvernay” $24.99
  2. 2015 St. Amour Pascal Berthier “Esprit De Seduction” $14.99
  3. 2015 Brouilly Les Freres Perroud “Vieilles Vigne” $14.99
  4. 2015 Morgon Jean Michel Dupre “10935” $14.99
  5. 2015 Regnie Haute Ronze “Vieillas Vignes” Jean M Dupre $13.99
  6. 2014 Chiroubles Chateau de Javernand “Vieillas Vignes” $14.99

Cru Beaujolais Information

  • The grape variety in all of these wines is Gamay Noir. It is the only grape used in Beaujolais.
  • In Beaujolais, fermentation is accomplished by carbonic maceration. Instead of crushing the grapes mechanically, the Gamay Noir grapes are put into fermentation tanks as whole grapes. The weight of the grapes does the crushing and creates a carbon-dioxide rich environment. The result is light, fruity reds with little tannins.
  • Most wineries in Beaujolais use concrete or stainless steel tanks.
  • The term “Vieillas Vignes” means old vines.
  • Where is Beaujolais?  Here is a link to a map of the Beaujolais wine area and its ten Cru designations.

Now it is time for all good wine drinkers to invest in a few bottles of Cru Beaujolais and discover the nuances of one of France’s treasured wines.

Vintage Taster Mike hosted the blind tasting event and served a fantastic array of sausages from the Lockeford Meat Company. The Beaujolais wines paired very nicely with the delicious sausage links.

Best Cru Beaujolais Bargain

Best bargain Beaujolais - Saint Amour

Best bargain Beaujolais – Saint Amour


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