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BevMo 5 Cent Sale

Once again the BevMo 5 Cent Sale is on. As usual you do not see any of the popular labels on sale like Robert Mondavi, Grgich Hills, Louis Martini, Chateau Montelena or the like. Most are obscure labels not sold anywhere else but in BevMo stores. I believe at most Costco Stores and the high-end Safeway stores, the selections of wines discounted or on sale is a much better opportunity for the bargain wine hunter. What do you think?

Some say the BevMo 5 Cent Sale is not really a sale but just a gimmick, and the prices are totally the same when the 5 Cent Sale is not on. I disagree, you do get a small discount, but of course you must buy the two bottles to make the sale work for you. Case in point: A few days ago I purchased the MontGras Carmenere for $9.99. During the BevMo 5 Cent Sale the price for two bottles of the same wine averages out to $9.02, almost a 10% discount. So if you need to stock up on wine, the BevMo 5 Cent Sale may be to your benefit if you can find wines that you rate as delicious. That is the key.

My recommendations for the current BevMo 5 Cent Sale, showing first the full price and then the price for each bottle when you buy in pairs.

  • Bodega Norton Malbec Barrel Select ’10 $19.99 – $10.02
  • Lillie’s Sauvignon Blanc ’12 $14.99 – $7.52
  • MontGras Carmenere Reserva ’12 $17.99 – $9.02
  • Navarro Lopez Crianza ’08 $19.99 – $10.02
  • Sextant Chardonnay Central Coast ’10 $17.99 – $9.02
  • Vigilance Chardonnay ’11 $16.99 – $8.52
  • Vigilance Sauvignon Blanc ’11 $14.99 – $7.52
  • Zaca Mesa Chardonnay ’09 $17.99 – $9.02
  • Zolo Gaucho Select Bonarda ’12 $15.99 – $8.02
  • Zolo Gaucho Select Reserve Cabernet ’09
image of Camenere wine

MontGras Carmenere

One more thing: If you purchase a wine and you do not like it for whatever reason, you can bring back the open bottle with the undrunk wine and the second bottle and get a full refund. Ask the clerk at the check out counter and that is what they will tell you. Be sure to keep your receipt. Please offer your BevMo recommendations or not in the comment section below.

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  1. mike wong says:

    I haven’t tasted any wines from this current sale yet. but have a 5 cent flyer that shows UnRuly Red 2 for $11.99 + .05 and also Le Buccaneer cab 2 for $19.99 + .05.

    In the past, I have been satisfied with any of the Unruly Reds/Cabernet as the cost is ~ $6/bottle. And I think Le Buccaneer is worth ~ $10/bottle.
    I will buy these again in this sale.
    And as previously mentioned is BM’s return policy 🙂

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