Battle of the Malbec Wines

Malbec wines are popular these days, mainly because of the price quality ratio. Bottom line, Malbec wines from Argentina are good, affordable and widely available.

The Costco stores in Foster City and Redwood City carry several delicious Malbec wines, many of which I have reviewed in the past including: Urban Uco, Pascual Toso and Mapema. We also did a blind tasting in 2012 of six Malbec wines.

This past week I did a side-by-side comparison of two current Malbec wines now available on the Costco shelves.

image of Malbec wines

Battle of Malbec Wines

BenMarco 2011 Malbec – $14.89
The BenMarco Malbec is a very delicious wine with nice aroma and characteristics of blueberry and other black fruit flavors. It has complexity and depth in the mouth and a decent aftertaste. This wine is layered for enjoyment, and will go with just about any red meat dish. Steve Tanzer gives it 90 Points, 89 for the Wine Spectator and we will also go with the 89 score. K&L Wines also carries this wine but at a hefty $19.99.

Bodegas Esmeralda Tilia 2011 Malbec – $7.49
This wine has a typical Malbec aroma with just a tad of an herb character. There is a load of spice throughout and it carries on in the aftertaste. For the price, we think this wine is a great deal. It lacks the depth and complexity of the BenMarco. but you still get a lot of “bang for the buck” in this wine. If your wine budget seeks out good wines under the $10 mark, you will like this wine very much. I give it 87 points.

I just posted on YouTube one of my favorite recipes: Linguine with clams and pancetta. It is very easy to make but the results are stupendous. I think either the BenMarco or the Tilia will be a perfect match for this dish. The pancetta in this recipe adds another dimension, and I think a medium-bodied red is just perfect with this dish.

“Quick and Dirty” recipe for Linguine with clams and pancetta

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