Apothic Red 2011 Review

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Apothic Red 2011

This is a review of Apothic Red, one of the most popular wines today in the bargain category. You can see it practically everywhere you shop for food. It always seems to be predominately displayed in the wine department and often displayed strategically in aisles of the markets. It ranges in price from $8 to $10. Although it has been around for a while, this is my first opportunity to taste and review the Apothic Red.

The back label on the wine bottle tells me it is bottled by Apothic Wines in Modesto, California. The Gallo Family owns Apothic. On the back label it says “a Masterful blend of rich Zinfandel, smooth Merlot, flavorful Syrah, and bold Cabernet Sauvignon.” It does not tell us the percentage of each grape or where in California the grapes are from. My best guess is that most of the grapes come from various vineyards in the Central Valley.

I tasted this wine with a couple of the Vintage Wine Tasters. Remember, we are all veteran wine drinkers and drink wine daily. The first thing that stood out is that the wine is slightly sweet, a characteristic we are not fond of in a red wine unless it is a dessert wine. I have heard from many sources that young wine drinkers like wines on the sweet side. Perhaps Gallo has targeted this wine for this age group.

“Ordinary,” “harsh” and “odd spice flavor” were a few of the terms we used to describe the wine. We agreed that the wine is drinkable and maybe a good economic choice for a large gathering of various adult ages and types of wine drinkers. But there are so many better wines on the shelves in the same price range. We have reviewed previously Bogle Merlot, Pascual Toso, Tapiz Merlot and others that are in our estimation much better choices unless it is the sweet touch you are after. What you want in a bargain wine is a wine that delivers some nice flavors with few flaws and something that will go nicely with food. Our selections do a better job than does the Apothic Red at accomplishing these objectives. 82 Points for the Apothic Red

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