Amazon starts selling wine – are there any wine bargains?

A look at the Amazon wine shop

On Thursday, November 8, Amazon uncorked its much-anticipated online wine shop. You can view it at: I do plenty of shopping on Amazon, especially for books and electronics. They often have the best prices around. I was very anxious to compare the Amazon wine prices with my favorite wine stores and shops where I often find wines at rock-bottom prices. I was hoping to find some blockbuster wine deals on Amazon.

Two features jumped out at me as I began to search through the Amazon online wine shop. The search feature is terrific. It is fast and you can search for wine using several different categories including price, grape type, alcohol levels, and even tasting notes. Secondly, I was impressed by the number of California wines available, many from small wineries that I have visited in wine country over the years. A couple of examples: Barlow in the Napa Valley and Inspiration Vineyards in the Santa Rosa area.

Currently, Amazon will ship up to 6 bottles for a cost of $9.99 to 12 different states and the District of Columbia. Also in the works is free shipping for a yearly fee of $49.

Now let’s get to the important stuff on Amazon wine: Are there any wine bargains?
I concentrated on the Sauvignon Blanc section to do some comparison shopping. Here is what I found on prices of Sauvignon Blanc wines on Amazon compared to other brick- and-mortar stores where I shop for wine.

  • Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc 2009  – Amazon $14.99, Safeway $12.99
  • Kim Crawford 2011 Marlborough – Amazon $13.99, Costco $11.99, Trader Joe’s $12.99
  • Ferrari-Carrano 2011  – Amazon $14.99, Costco $11.59  Previous review on GCV
  • Kunde Magnolia Lane 2010 –  Amazon $15.99, Safeway $7.98
  • St. Supery 2010 – Amazon $14.99, Safeway $13.99
  • Long Meadow Ranch 2011 – Amazon $20, Costco $13.99 Previous review on GCV

The long and short of it is that I was very much disappointed with the Amazon wine prices. So far it looks like standard prices for the wines on Amazon. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think about the new Amazon online wine shop.

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