Bogle Petite Sirah – $8 at Trader Joe’s


Petite Sirah is a “hot” wine at the moment on the California wine scene. It’s gaining momentum as more wineries introduce Petite Sirah into their lineup of wines. Petite Sirah wines are big, inky colored wines, but come with a certain elegance to them. Most good Petite Sirah wines sell for upwards … [Continue reading]

Trader Joe’s Grand Reserve Platinum Pinot Noir Lot 33

Trader Joe's Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Just in the stores for your Thanksgiving menu is Trader Joe's Grand Reserve Platinum Pinot Noir Lot 33 for $14.99. Pinot Noir is a wine made to go with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I picked up a bottle of the Pinot Noir at my local TJ's and gave it a try. How does this compare to other Pinot … [Continue reading]

Best wine choices for Thanksgiving

best wines for thanksgiving

With so many dishes that make up this wonderful holiday meal, what are the best wine choices for Thanksgiving? I polled the Vintage Wine Tasters and asked what wines they were likely to serve with dinner or to bring as a guest to their family or … [Continue reading]

Kirkland Rioja Reserva 2010

Kirkland Rioja Reserva 2010

Last week's article featured second label Cabernet wines including Costco's Kirkland Cabernet produced by D.C. Flynt. In this article we have another second label wine from Costco, and it is a dandy of a wine value and bargain. Kirkland Rioja … [Continue reading]

Second label Cabernet Sauvignon

Second label wines

Blind tasting of second label Cabernet Sauvignon For our bimonthly blind wine tasting, the Vintage Wine Tasters' theme was second label Cabernet Sauvignon wines.  What exactly is a second label wine? In the photo on the left we see an example of … [Continue reading]

Picpoul de Pinet and Picpoul Blanc

Picpou de pinet

I recently tried two Picpoul Blanc wines from the Picpoul de Pinet AVA in the Languedoc wine region of southern France. Picpoul Blanc is also grown in the Rhone region of France and is used mostly for blending. Picpoul Blanc or Picpoul is a lesser … [Continue reading]