Trader Joe’s Tempranillo plus the blender test

Zumaya Tempranillo 2013

Zumaya Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2013 - Trader Joe's $7.99 Spanish wines are always a good wine value and we can certainly add this tasty Tempranillo to the list. It is only $8 at Trader Joe's. The Zumaya Tempranillo has a soft aroma of black fruit flavors and a very nice mouth feel. It is not … [Continue reading]

Clancy’s red at Costco

Clancy's Costco

Clancy's Red Blend - Costco $12.69 Clancy's is yet another enjoyable wine from the world famous producer Peter Lehmann. Clancy's is from Barossa Valley in Australia. This is a very lively red blend comprised of 58% Cabernet, 22% Shiraz, and 20% Merlot. I like the full-bodied character of this wine … [Continue reading]

Super Tuscan Casone Toscana at Trader Joe’s

Casone Toscana

Casone Toscana 2009 - Trader Joe's $9.99 Our friend Caren who reads this blog said I must try this wine. "It is fantastic and only $10." I looked for the wine but it was not on the T.J. wine shelf last week. The wine steward told me they were … [Continue reading]

Wine shops in Berkeley

grocery outlet

A few weeks back we visited wine shops in San Francisco, and this time we took a day of discovering the best wine shops in Berkeley. Berkeley, often referred to as Berzerkeley, has an amazing diversity of people and lifestyles and thus a total … [Continue reading]

Chateau Boisson – can Bordeaux make a great white wine?

Chateau Boisson

Chateau Boisson 2013 - Costco $7.99 Yes, they do make very good white wine in Bordeaux. 90% of the wine made is Bordeaux is red.  The white wine grapes in Bordeaux are mostly Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon.  Sauternes are the famous white dessert wine … [Continue reading]

Excellent Bargain Pinot Noir

The Leese Fitch is a tasty Pinot Noir

Leese-Fitch Pinot Noir 2013 California - Weimax Wines $13 When Joe hosted his blind tasting of dry Riesling wines for the Vintage Wine Tasters, he served a delicious salmon lunch paired with this lovely Pinot Noir wine. It had been recommend to him … [Continue reading]