Clancy’s red at Costco

Clancy's Costco

Clancy's Red Blend - Costco $12.69 Clancy's is yet another enjoyable wine from the world famous producer Peter Lehmann. Clancy's is from Barossa Valley in Australia. This is a very lively red blend comprised of 58% Cabernet, 22% Shiraz, and 20% Merlot. I like the full-bodied character of this wine … [Continue reading]

Super Tuscan Casone Toscana at Trader Joe’s

Casone Toscana

Casone Toscana 2009 - Trader Joe's $9.99 Our friend Caren who reads this blog said I must try this wine. "It is fantastic and only $10." I looked for the wine but it was not on the T.J. wine shelf last week. The wine steward told me they were holding it back until the next Fearless Flyer (snail … [Continue reading]

Wine shops in Berkeley

grocery outlet

A few weeks back we visited wine shops in San Francisco, and this time we took a day of discovering the best wine shops in Berkeley. Berkeley, often referred to as Berzerkeley, has an amazing diversity of people and lifestyles and thus a total … [Continue reading]

Chateau Boisson – can Bordeaux make a great white wine?

Chateau Boisson

Chateau Boisson 2013 - Costco $7.99 Yes, they do make very good white wine in Bordeaux. 90% of the wine made is Bordeaux is red.  The white wine grapes in Bordeaux are mostly Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon.  Sauternes are the famous white dessert wine … [Continue reading]

Excellent Bargain Pinot Noir

The Leese Fitch is a tasty Pinot Noir

Leese-Fitch Pinot Noir 2013 California - Weimax Wines $13 When Joe hosted his blind tasting of dry Riesling wines for the Vintage Wine Tasters, he served a delicious salmon lunch paired with this lovely Pinot Noir wine. It had been recommend to him … [Continue reading]

Best Riesling wines for first time try

best rieslings

Best Riesling wines for a first time try This past Tuesday at our bimonthly wine tasting, the Vintage Wine Tasters blind tasted six Riesling wines all in the bargain category range. Vintage Wine Taster Joe F. was the host of this delightful and … [Continue reading]