1000 Stories Zinfandel – A Bourbon touch to Zinfandel

1000 Stories Zinfandel

1000 Stories Zinfandel aged in bourbon barrels A few weeks ago I received an unusual sample bottle of wine. Unusual in so many ways. Inside the shipping box was a small barrel case. I opened the case to find 1000 Stories Zinfandel and spec sheets on the wine. The name of the wine, and the iconic … [Continue reading]

Supermarket Wines – Good or Bad?

These Rosé wines are at my local Safeway. Their fantastic wines.

Let's get this out up front. Supermarket wines are good! Most wine critics and wine writers would disagree. This group often refers to supermarket wines in a derogatory manner. They can only think that those who shop for wine at supermarkets are out of touch when it comes to choosing good wine. … [Continue reading]

Trimbach Gerwurztraminer is amazingly good

Trimbach Gerwurztraminer

The Costco wine department is at it again. Here are three wines to consider the next time you hit your Costco Store. By the way, have your read "Costco Wine Department: Eight things you should know about buying wine at Costco?" For starters, did you … [Continue reading]

Zinfandel and more Zinfandel at the Zinfandel Experience


Zinfandel Experience It's all about Zinfandel wine January 29, 30, & 31 in San Francisco. This is the annual event now called  the Zinfandel Experience. It is hosted by ZAP, the organization devoted to educating folks about America's Zinfandel … [Continue reading]

Two at Weimax Wines not to miss

Engel pinot blanc

The Vintage Wine Tasters are so lucky that we live close to one of the finest wine shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. You wouldn't know from walking by the Weimax store front. One must enter and shop around and talk to the staff, preferably the … [Continue reading]

Two 90-Point Costco Pinot Noir wines under $14


More Costco Pinot Noir "Picks" that will not break the bank brought you by the Vintage Wine Tasters. Cloisonné Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands 2013 - Costco $10.99 Vintage wine taster Mike, who we call the Sherlock Holmes of finding wine … [Continue reading]