Wine Bargains for the Big Weekend

Labor Day is the final big weekend of the Summer and it is just around the corner. Whether entertaining or heading out on the road, it is a good idea to plan ahead and stock up on some great wine bargains. The Vintage Wine Tasters have some quick recommendations from recently-tried wines from three … [Continue reading]

Box Wine, worthy of drinking?

Best of the box wines we judged

  Which box wine should you be drinking? We tasted six Box wine is big wine business these days. Sales of box wines have increased dramatically over the past three years. Stop in at just about any wine shop or supermarket, and there will be several different labels of box wines to choose … [Continue reading]

Now is the time for Rosé

Domaine de Tamary

2016 Domaine De Tamary Summer is Rosé time! Rosé is trendy! More and more wine lovers are drinking dry Rosé wines from around the world. This excellent wine comes from the area of Provence. I discovered this 2016 Domaine De Tamary at Cost Plus World … [Continue reading]

Hanna Sauvignon Blanc revisited

2016 Hanna Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley

2016 Hanna Sauvignon Blanc Over many years we have enjoyed the wines of the Hanna Winery. The Hanna Winery has two tasting rooms in Sonoma Wine County, one in the Russian River Valley and the other on Highway 128 in the spectacular Alexander Valley. … [Continue reading]

Locations F and E for $12.99

David Phinney Locations Wines E and F for $12.99 The Vintage Wine Tasters recently participated in a video conference with David Phinney and tasted several of his Locations wines. We have also reviewed several of the Location Wines in the past. Last … [Continue reading]

Two Excellent Red Wines for under $7

Are you having a big gathering soon? Do you only buy wines under $10? Here are two excellent wines for under $7 available now at many Costco stores. We were able to do a side-by-side with these two wines to compare and contrast the quality for … [Continue reading]